Who We Are

Electronic Health Network, Inc. (EHN) is a health IT company deploying the leading interoperability platform to enable payers, hospitals, clinics, labs, and public health agencies to securely share patient health information. We enable all clinical applications, including EMR systems, to securely communicate patient information across a community. Our underlying network has served over 300 million patients in over 24 countries with documented improvements in the quality of care and reductions in the cost of patient care, that benefits all stakeholders.

After being established in 2007, by co-founders Chuck Williams and Aadli Abdul-Kareem, EHN has discovered its role in developing solutions for the connectivity problem of the healthcare industry. It is our vision to preserve and improve the quality of life of all individuals through designing and deploying exchange infrastructures that are fast, efficient, affordable, secure, and easy to use for providers, patients, and stakeholders.

Electronic Health Network, Inc. is a certified veteran-owned business.

Electronic Health Network

Our Focus

Electronic Health Network specializes in building advanced interoperability solutions for your organizations connectivity problems.  With us, we design & deploy solutions that:

  • Manages patient identity across the community
  • Exchanges the right information at the right time
  • Complies data into relevant formats for your users
  • Scales limitlessly beyond your local community

Our Professional Team

We are a professional team of experts in health information technology, interoperability, and

making the paper-to-electronic conversion work.

Chuck Williams Jr.

Chuck Williams Jr.

CEO & Co-Founder
Aadli Abdul-Kareem

Aadli Abdul-Kareem

Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Verbus Counts

Verbus Counts

Chief Technology Officer


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