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The Problem
To improve the quality of care within your community, you need a mechanism to coordinate the care of your patients. Before, this included faxes, phone calls, and loads of paperwork. Now the process of creating, triaging, and tracking patient referrals can be automated. With our Care Coordination solution, we equip you with the tools to transition care in your community.

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Architect Your Solution

Electronic Health Network is committed to crafting solutions that are innovative

and solve real-world health IT problems. Below is the components of our Care Coordination solution.

Interoperability Platform

By implementing our vendor-neutral MiNT Platform, you will provide your community with an interoperable foundation and cloud-based infrastructure for your technical solution.

Referral Management Tools

Our HL7 Forward Adapter allows you to send HL7 messages directly from your electronic medical record system to virtually any care coordination application.

Care Coordination Application

Our care coordination application, Eclipse: Community Health, allows you to drive referrals and provide custom interventions based on the needs of your community.


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“The future of healthcare allows the data to freely flow. It will allow us access to information, protect our patients, and make decisions.“

Dr. Vindell Washington
Principal Deputy Director of ONC

The EHN Advantage

When you craft a solution with EHN, you can guarantee that you will be partnered with a company that is:

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