About Electronic Health Network

Electronic Health Network, Inc. (EHN) is a health information technology company which specializes in crafting solutions that address the interoperability needs of healthcare organizations.  Our technology will allow you to gain a comprehensive single view of your patients, organizations, and providers using accessible, accurate, and actionable data.

A Proven Track Record of Success

EHN has been deploying interoperability solutions across the country that enable payers, hospitals, clinics, labs, and public health agencies

to truly share patient health information.  We possess a proven track record of implementing solutions that are


By using the most advanced data management technology in the world, we design unique solutions that best fit your organization’s needs.


We can help your organization get connected to any EMR/HIS or HIE. Once connected, share & receive patient data quickly and in real-time.


We use the best intrusion, prevention, detection, & encryption technology to protect your sensitive health data for HIPPA compliance.

It’s 2016, and you’re STILL not connected!

All around the nation, INTEROPERABILITY, the ability to communicate, exchange, and use data across different systems, is moving from an abstract idea to a necessity. It is proven that truly interoperable systems:

  • Improve Quality of patient care,
  • Reduce Cost associated with Health IT systems, and
  • Increase Productivity of physicians and staff.

Start crafting your solution to connect your community’s clinical applications with EHN!

Case Study

Electronic Health Network is committed to bringing out connectivity solutions

for your community’s needs.  See what we have accomplished below across the nation.

Start Building Your Solution With Electronic Health Network!

SHARE information, IMPROVE care, REDUCE costs, SAVE lives.